Yugen Kombucha flavour - Ginger-Lemon

New Awakening
Cold-pressed ginger and fresh lemon juice are fused together with marigold and elderberry to create the ultimate elixir of life. Experience the awakening power of this spicy herbal concoction and fuel your inner fire.

Carriers: Available in 32,5cl bottles, 32cl cans and 20l key kegs

Nutrition facts (100ml): Energy (64kj/15kcal) - Fat (0g) - Of which saturated (0g) - Carbohydrates (3,8g) - Of which sugars (3,8g) - Protein (0g)

Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture, organic green & black tea, organic cane sugar, organic herbal infusion (marigold, coriander seed, elderberry), organic cold-pressed ginger juice (2%), organic lemon juice (2%).




— Tangy mouthwatering fresh lemon juice bumps up the vitamin C and boosts your energy.




— From India to Jamaica, from traditional to modern cuisine, ginger is truly a global and holistic herb with many healing and supporting properties.


— Ancient Egyptians honored the Marigold for its alleged rejuvenating properties.


— Also known as "Apothecary of the people" or "Tree of Medicine". Since the dawn of men, a plant with antiseptic and antiviral capabilities.
Coriander seed

Coriander seed

— Coriander is a digestion-promoting global herb that was found in both the hanging gardens of Babylon and the towering Buddha of Bangkok.
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