Calma rinfrescante
Il succo di mela fresco e la menta verde si uniscono al rosmarino aromatico e alle stuzzicanti ortiche. Insieme formano un tonico antidolorifico e curativo che ti aiuterà durante la giornata.

Contenitori: Disponibile in bottiglie da 32,5cl, lattine da 32cl e fusti da 20l.

Informazioni nutrizionali (100ml): Energia (64kj/15kcal) – Grassi (0g) – Di cui Saturi (0g) - Carboidrati (3,8g) – Di cui Zuccheri (3,8g) - Proteine (0g)

Ingredienti: acqua filtrata, coltura di kombucha, tè verde e nero biologici, zucchero di canna biologico, infuso di erbe biologiche (menta, ortica, fiori di sambuco, rosmarino), succo di mela biologico (7%).




— Il dolce e peccaminoso succo di mela racchiude un sacco di vitamine e fitonutrienti che combattono le malattie.




— Pianta invitante e rinfrescante tradizionalmente utilizzata per stimolare la digestione.


— Arbusto aromatico con proprietà benefiche per il cuore, fegato, stomaco e in generale per tutto il sistema cardiovascolare.


— Erba rinvigorente, che alimenta la tua energia con tanti piccoli aghetti.
Fiore di sambuco

Fiore di sambuco

— Fiori che migliorano il sistema immunitario, considerati un’erba magica in molte culture antiche.

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Jummie for the tummy

De combinatie appel en munt is geweldig. Zo verrassend en heerlijk fris!

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Luka Versieren
Knokke-Heist, Belguim

Apple Mint is de absolute dorstlesser

Een unieke en verfrissende smaak. Perfect om terug op krachten te komen na een zweterige work-out.

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Brussels, Belgie

So refreshing & healthy

It feels like a guilty pleasure, but without the guilt. Enjoyable natural refreshment. Think of the Coca-Cola commercials. Usually you end up disappointed, but this time you really get that ecstatic feeling.

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Gent, Belgie


Iedereen lijkt tegenwoordig Kombucha te brouwen, maar weinigen doen het echt goed. Wel, Yugen doet dat fantastisch. Verrassende smakencombinaties in een prachtig flesje of blikje, met Apple-Mint als ultieme verfrisser voor warme zomeravonden. Heerlijk!

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Ghent, Belgium

I Love It!

There is not a single flavour of Yugen that I don't love, but... Apple Mint is an absolute knockout. It is so fresh, bright and delicious!

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Antwerpen, Belgie

Verrukkelijke combinatie

Er gaat niets boven de combinatie van appel en munt van mijn all-time favourite kombuchamerk: Yugen. Dat is nog eens een voorbeeld van een geslaagd huwelijk. En het is nog eens gezond ook! Love it.

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Bilzen, Belgium

The best kumbucha you will ever taste

I've always been a big fan of kombucha and have tried many different brands but Yugen Kombucha has to be my all time favourite. What makes them stand out? Their adventurous flavours: cherry-thyme, pineapple-chilli. These are bold combinations that work! Apple-mint is my numero uno because it contains the freshness of apple and herbs without losing the authentic kombucha taste. I wasn't able to convince my husband and kids to drink kombucha until they tasted Yugen. We have a winner!

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

Gent, Belgium

That summer feeling

This is our personal favorite in summer time, but we have to admit we do stock it in winter as well :) A nice mix of apple flavour and a rather strong mint taste. Super!

Bottom line:
Yes, I would recommend this to my friends.

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