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Yugen Kombucha: organic and 100% natural

Yugen is proud to be certified organic and 100% natural.
You hear those terms a lot. But what do they actually mean?
And why is it important? Let’s find out.

Certified Organic

Since day 1, Yugen has been certified organic.

This means that all of our ingredients come from organic farming practices. Organic farming originated in the 20th century in response to the industrialization of our food supplies, and the repercussions this has on our environment. The biggest differences between organic and conventional farming are:

  • Organic farming works together with nature as much as possible. Only natural fertilizers or compost are allowed (no artificial fertilizers). The amount and type of pesticides is limited and no GMO’s are allowed. All of this enhances the purity of organic products.

  • Organic farming is better for the environment. Respect for the environment is a core value in organic. It starts with a living soil that remains fertile through crop rotation and the use of animal manure or compost. In this way, the organic farmer contributes to the resilience of the ecosystem and thus offers a sustainable future for our food production.

Because Yugen Kombucha wants to be part of the solution, and not the problem, we fully support organic farming practices and the organic certification process. 

The organic certification process is an important part in all of this as it guarantees that the organic regulations are being followed. It’s not an easy process. Farmers, manufacturers and distributors are all being checked with verifications, inspections and yes, record keeping. But it’s necessary to guarantee to the consumers that what they buy, is indeed made in a better way. 

We are proud of our organic label and continuously strive to lower our impact on the environment.

100% Natural

At Yugen we want to go further than “certified organic”. Even organic manufacturers are allowed to use some additives. We deliberately chose not to and keep our ingredient list as clean as possible. 

Everything we use is as nature intended it, from our tea to our pure juices. We don't use any artificial or 'natural' aroma's, extracts, preservatives, colorants or other nonsense. Kombucha is a natural drink and we believe it should stay that way. That’s why you will only find dried tea leaves, pure juice, dried herbs and some sugar (for fermentation) in our ingredient list. 

“100% natural” stands for our strong belief in minimally processed, authentic and pure ingredients. We’re are proud of our clean label and work hard to keep it this way.

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