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Yugen, not your average kombucha

The kombucha market is expanding fast. Kombucha lovers all over the globe are turning their home brew into a commercial product. But not every kombucha or kombucha brand is the same. Learn more in this blog about what differentiates Yugen Kombucha from the rest. From our brew to our mission, we strive to maximize our positive impact on the world.

Craft brewed

Yugen Kombucha is the real deal. We brew authentic kombucha as it should be done, alive with billions of living microorganisms, 100% natural and full of bold flavour. 

Unlike the complex flavour profile, our ingredient list is surprisingly simple. Yugen Kombucha is a natural drink and we want to keep it that way. We brew tea with real ingredients, such as dried tea leaves and dried herbs, and pure organic juice. No added aromas, extracts, concentrates, preservatives or other nonsense.

Thanks to our proprietary fermentation (backed by centuries of Belgian brewing expertise), the use of premium organic ingredients, a state-of-the-art brewing facility and years of R&D, we are able to present an authentic premium kombucha with a minimum sugar content (3.8grams/100ml) and maximum flavour. 

Our flavours

We currently offer 5 unique flavours. These flavours are the result of extensive research and market feedback. Just like top restaurant chefs, we search for the best quality ingredients and pair the different aromas and flavours in order to create a surprising sensory delight. 

Every flavour begins with a blend of premium organic green Sencha and black Assam. This base pallet is then elevated by adding 4 organic dried herbs. The herbal tea blend is steeped in hot water for about 15 minutes so that all the different flavours, aromas and nutrients can dissolve. 

In the last step we add pure organic juice, never from concentrate. As much as possible we cold-press our fruit to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. 

While creating a recipe, Yugen always searches for functionality amongst complementary herbs and fruits. That way the overall potency is raised and true synergies arise. 

Our packaging

Yugen is bottled in bottles and cans. Amber glass and opaque cans are used to protect the billions of live and active cultures from harmful UV-light, keeping the full-strength of this raw brew as fresh as possible. 

Every bottle or can of Yugen Kombucha showcases a rising illustrator's vision on the ancient Japanese word "Yugen". It's a concept used to express the overwhelming feeling of admiration for the beauty of the natural world. 

These illustrations take up a good chunk of precious packaging space. But we love to give young talented artists a unique platform to work with and present their art. We honor their design and creativity by mentioning their name on each bottle and can. As our range of flavours grows, our line or artwork will too. We adore how they give each flavour a unique character and personality, and we hope you love them too!  

Our mission

At Yugen, we are on a mission to create the most inspiring healthy alternatives to regular soda's. We believe that a healthy body starts with healthy foods. But luckily healthy foods don't necessarily mean you have to compromise on flavour and/or experience. We are confident that our kombuchas do good, but also taste amazing. 

We are constantly looking into new ways to make our products even better, for our customers but also for the planet. All of our ingredients are certified organic. Our packaging is up to 100% recyclable. We only use FSC-certified paper for our boxes and information leaflets. Our kombucha is 100% vegan and we don't use any artificial or 'natural' flavours, extracts, sweeteners, preservatives or colorants. 

Besides that we also donate two cents per sold bottle and can to the Yugen Foundation. The Yugen Foundation is all about bringing ambitious and environmentally minded people together and creating a positive change in the world. With the funds we want to support socially and environmentally engaged start-ups and nonprofits.

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