Discover the excellence of Yugen Kombucha, proudly recognized at the World Kombucha Awards 2023. This prestigious event, hosted in Barcelona, brought together the finest from the kombucha world, with Yugen making a significant mark. With a vast array of entries across diverse categories, our commitment to quality kombucha crafting stood out. Explore with us as we celebrate this achievement.

This "WORLD KOMBUCHA AWARDS 2023" webshop box contains:
2 Ginger Lemon bottles
2 Pineapple Chili bottles
3 Strawberry basil bottles
5 Cans, one of each flavour

Ginger Lemon - Silver Medal

Our Ginger Lemon Kombucha has gracefully achieved Silver in its category, a recognition of its vibrant and balanced flavour profile. This brew is a delightful blend of zesty lemon and warming ginger, creating a refreshing experience for all who try it. Discover the crafted balance that sets our Ginger Lemon Kombucha apart.

This box contains 2 bottle Ginger Lemon.

Strawberry Basil - Bronze Medal

Indulge in the delicate balance of flavours in our Strawberry Basil Kombucha, awarded Bronze in the Fruits with Herbs and/or Flowers category. This brew captures the essence of summer with its sweet strawberries and aromatic basil, creating a harmonious and enjoyable drinking experience. Experience the delightful blend that is Strawberry Basil Kombucha.

This box contains 3 bottle Strawberry Basil.

5 Can Design - Gold Medal

We are delighted to share that our unique can designs have been awarded Gold in their category. Each can reflects the creativity and passion that goes into our kombucha, with designs that are as captivating as the flavours inside. Join us in appreciating the artistry that makes Yugen Kombucha a visual and sensory delight.

This box contains 5 Yugen cans, each of every flavour.

Want to know more about our design strategy?
Read our latest blog article "Yugen's creative sparks" for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Yugen Kombucha's award-winning design process and discover how passion for art and innovation shapes our brand. Visionary designer Wim Vandersleyen vibes with Chris De Backer, co-founder Yugen.


Experience the unique and bold flavours of our Pineapple Chili Kombucha, awarded Bronze in the Herbs, Vegetables & Spices category. This brew offers a daring combination of sweet pineapple and spicy chili, providing a unique taste adventure. Explore the bold side of kombucha with Pineapple Chili.

This box contains 2 bottle Pineapple chili.


We are immensely grateful for your support!
This is for you, our Yugen community.

Let's raise a glass (or a can!) to these flavourful victories!

Artists: @wimvandersleyen_studio, @charlesdegeyter, @goes.peter, @joelleduboiss, @mellongwen, @artuur_vdk, @jacquesandlise, @buethewarrior, @maarten.donders, @henkwillems1

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