blog - The story of Jacques & Lise and their Raspberry Cacao design

The story of Jacques & Lise and their Raspberry Cacao design

by Hendrik De Winne

Welcome to a creative symbiosis in the form of artistic duo Jacques & Lise, whose shared passion and nostalgic flair shape the limited release 'Raspberry Cacao'. Get to know their story, style and collaboration in this intimate interview.

Introduction & background: Interplay of creative spirits

"More than a decade of collaboration and still going strong" - this could well sum up Jacques & Lise's artistic journey. It all started at school, where they not only studied together, but also discovered a unique synergy in their artistic aspirations. Their turning point? A project to create a picture book together. This venture required a seamless blending of their creative minds, leading them to find a rhythm in their collaboration that has since come to be taken for granted. Today, they understand each other's creative impulses perfectly, although they recognise that the dynamics of collaboration are always evolving.

Nostalgia serves as the invisible thread that binds Jacques & Lise, both in their personal relationship and in their artistic ventures. As the youngest children in their respective families, they shared similar childhood experiences, looked up to their older siblings and found joy in the simplest of pleasures. This sense of nostalgia is evident in their artistic style, characterised by a minimalist colour palette reminiscent of children's books from the 1950s and 1960s - a time when artists were constrained by the limitations of screen printing. Jacques & Lise have embraced this limitation and create strong, impactful designs with few different colours, proving that sometimes less is indeed more.

Creative Influences: treasure hunting in art

Their creative source is constantly replenished by the treasures they find at flea markets, a testament to their love of the quirky and the unconventional. Action figures with a missing limb, books with worn covers - these imperfect items tell a story that inspires Jacques & Lise to create. They do not draw their inspiration from specific names or brands; instead, they find beauty in the 'imperfect'.

"If you want, we can make it ourselves" - this mantra is a constant in their lives, influenced by Lise's father, a talented artist in his own right. Their creative process is a dance between the vintage and the modern as they breathe new life into old colours and styles. Their designs are characterised by refined lines and a nostalgic flair, not because they want to create something 'old', but because they appreciate the simplicity and limitations of the past. Their work is detailed but not always obvious, always striving to show as much as possible with as little as possible.

Work and collaboration: harmony in contrast

Their working relationship has grown organically over the years, characterised by a back and forth of ideas and compliments. Jacques is quick to outline his ideas, while Lisa has a keen eye for detail. They complement each other perfectly, both in terms of skills and appreciation of each other's work. Their collaboration is a dance of creativity and honesty, not shying away from constructive criticism even when it hurts. As Lise lovingly says: "I fell in love first with Jacques' style, and then with Jacques himself."

Their work does not stop at six; they carry their artistic vision into their daily lives, always with an eye for beauty and a shared appreciation for other art forms. They are each other's best friends, partners in both life and art, and although they have moments of disagreement, they navigate through them with the understanding and patience that comes from years of working together.

Yugen design: A visual ode to connection

In the past, Yugen bottles and cans always caught our eye on the shelves; they captured our imagination as a project we would love to contribute to. However, the thought of actually getting the chance to work on them seemed remote. So when the invitation to collaborate became a reality, our excitement was immense.

The Yugen design stands as a testament to their artistic philosophy. It shows a character inhaling deeply the scent of a flower, symbolising the interconnectedness of life. The design reflects the cyclical nature of existence, similar to the fermentation process of Yugen tea. "Everything is connected. That's what you feel when you take a sip of Yugen," Jacques explains. The design, although more detailed than their usual work, serves as a visual representation of their artistic journey, capturing their love of nature and their call for a renewed appreciation of our natural world.

Reflection, achievements and future ambitions: dreams in motion

Looking back, Jacques & Lise are proud of the path they have taken, and cherish the opportunities to work on various projects and media. They dream of delving into other disciplines as well, to bring their static designs to life once in a new way. They remain open to surprises, ready to embrace the unknown with the same playful spirit that has defined their journey so far. "As long as we can keep playing and creating together, that's all that matters," Lise reflects with a smile.

In their closing remarks, Jacques & Lise share a piece of advice for aspiring artists: "Follow your heart and believe in your art. If you stay faithful to your passion, similar opportunities will come your way." Their journey is a testimony to the power of passion, collaboration and the magic that happens when two creative souls find each other and decide to walk a path together, hand in hand.

Thank you Jacques & Lise, we will follow your journey with great admiration.

See more art by Jacques & Lise at and follow them on Instagram at @jacquesandlise

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